Youth Board / Junior Executive Committee (JEC)





Erin Glanville

Erin Glanville is a mother of three, community volunteer, freelance writer, and former Silicon Valley professional (Cisco Systems and Tandem Computers).  She has worked with multiple non-profits, but feels that the personal connection to the specific, tangible projects that Lalafofofo engages in is right in line with her family’s faith.  Their schedules don’t allow Erin and herhusband to travel much now, but they look forward to being able to return to some oftheir favorite places someday with their children, especially her beloved Paris, some very sleepy towns in Switzerland, and the always magical Salzburg.


Lorna Harding Bradley

A statistician, Lorna Harding has been working on behalf of Irish, British and US companies as a consultant for over 15 years.  She graduated with a PhD from Trinity College Dublin, and has Bachelor degrees in Social Science and Law in addition to an Masters Degree from the National University of Ireland.  She has had a long standing interest in issues of international development, especially as it relates to the provision of education and opportunity for children.  Her goal is to identify ways of leveraging technology to enhance education and training opportunities in developing countries.


Manuela Mischke-Reeds

Manuela Miscke-Reeds is an international teacher of psychology and mindfulness, and a published author. She loves to travel to fun places and explore with her two teens and husband. Manuela likes to write, be creative and meditate. A  personal goal is to discover Bhutan with her sons.

2016 - 2018 Members

Gracie Young

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McKaela Glanville

Maddie Standlee

Arielle Beak

Katarina Merk

Jon Standlee

Makenna Phillips

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Alexander Harding Bradley

Kirian Mischke-Reeds

Emma Doettling

Helena Merk

Molly Kessler

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Sam Vaughan

Taber Kremer

Nicole Davis

Nick Harding Bradley