craft cycle

Coming in 2018: Lalafofofo’s “Craft Cycle”

An exciting new program called the Tanzanian Maasai Women’s “Craft Cycle” is being launched by Lalafofofo this Winter, 2018. Created by a community of skilled craftswomen from a Maasai tribe living west of Kilimanjaro is a line of intricately beaded jewelry and crafts.

Beading has been a part of the traditional Maasai culture for women for over a century. Although these women are highly skilled, they are living on less than $2 per day, and are married by age 14 instead of finishing secondary school.

The “Craft Cycle” honors their traditions while providing these women with steady employment to break the cycle of poverty. Proceeds from the sales of these items in Western Countries go directly back to these women in Tanzania.