Tanzanian Immersion Internships for Students

Internship students can participate in sustainable improvement projects at a school in the Maasai “bush” and also intern with community-based organizations (CBOs) in Moshi, Kilimanjaro. The purpose is: 1) to provide students the opportunity to understand issues of a developing country by going in to the field and working at a government school in the Maasai bush, and 2) to utilize this field experience and students’ skills to collaborate with individuals who are working to improve their communities.  

Students will be staying for the first week in a tent camp in the Maasai bush near the school we will be working, and then paired with another JEC student to live for a week with a Tanzanian family in a homestay. I will be staying with the students in the Bush and working at the school with them as well as 1-2 other chaperones and translators. Parents will be responsible for booking flights, travel medical insurance, visas, anti-malarial prescription, and vaccinations for their student’s travel to Tanzania.

What Does a Tanzanian Immersion Internship Offer?

The opportunity extended to JEC members is unique because it encompasses more than a service, volunteer or immersion trip; rather this program 1) builds on the JEC monthly meeting experience by offering a service opportunity in the area of sub-saharan Africa containing the challenges that are discussed at the JEC meetings and, 2) is individualized to encompass the service project experience of each JEC member. This opportunity is offered for enrichment and is designed to educate and empower JEC members over a longer period of time so they can individually make lasting change as they develop into adulthood.