The 100% Giving Solar Light


Support Lalafofofo by supporting our partner, Makers4Good, who are offering the HELIO Solar Light. All profits from HELIO sales are donated to partner non-profits like us. 

What is HELIO?

HELIO is a philanthropic product by Makers4Good which is devoted to providing the world with energy and light. We created a solar light and power source that we can use for adventures, and that others in need would use every day. We believe that everyone deserves access to safe power and light, so 100% of the profits from sales of HELIO provide light and power to those with limited access to electricity. Our high-quality product helps outdoor enthusiasts stay connected when off the grid while sharing light with others.

Premiere Product: HELIO

HELIO is the world's most efficient and versatile solar lantern, flashlight, and powerbank. It will begin shipping Dec 2017. With our proprietary ChargeboostTM technology, you’ll charge anywhere, any time, even on cloudy days. Ideal for backpacking, boating, or any long period off the grid, HELIO is what you need, when you need it.

How We Share Light

We donate all profits from every purchase of HELIO to our partner non-profit organizations, through our “Share Light” program. Buyers select where their donation goes. We work closely with our partners, a network that stretches from Africa to South America. Together, we bring solar energy and light to where it is needed most.


Place an order for your own or as a gift. Estimated delivery: January 2018.